Marble Tins


8 oz. Tinplate Candle with Lid, medium cherry wooden wick
Burn time: Approximately 25 hours

Comes in all 12 Bonaco Candle Scents:

- Bronzeville: Notes of amber, whiskey, and French Oak

- Gaslamp Quarter: Notes of lavender, coconut milk, and vanilla

- Gold Rush: Notes of bergamot and black plum, cardamon, clove bud

- Hollywood Beach: Notes of night-blooming jasmine, rose, sandalwood, ylang

- Kelingking Beach: Notes of jasmine, black amber, and musk

- Kissimmee: Notes of orange, honeydew melon, spearmint, and water lily

- Tijuana: Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and coffee

- Tequila: Notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon, and tangerine

- The Flats: Notes of brandy, frankincense, French cognac, strawberry

- Napa Valley: Notes of blackberry, cassis, jasmine, purple violet

- Venice Beach: Notes of white peach, nectarine, vanilla

- West Oak Lane: Notes of apple, cinnamon, and honeysuckle